// Confident Communication and Storytelling Workshops

The length of sessions is customized depending on your needs. Delivered in a smaller group setting.

Public speaking and storytelling are both a science and an art, formulas mixed with messiness. These interactive, unconventional, improvisational, customizable, academic, and scientific workshops, for small or large groups, focus on the critical elements of speaking art and science: thoughts, words, actions.


Communication is the top barrier to success for leaders in any field. Why? Because communication fears and inefficiencies limit our ability to inspire teams and maximize results.

Break through that barrier. Transform communication fears and inefficiencies into fuel and reach higher with the emotional intelligence, public speaking, and storytelling tools shared in this workshop.

Participants will:

  • Identify and reframe communication fears
  • Create an effective feedback loop to minimize communication inefficiencies
  • Apply the tools of emotional intelligence, public speaking, and storytelling to engage their audiences and lead them to action


Members of a highly functioning team have three C’s: competency, character, and chemistry. And while most organizations vet for competency and character, few can manage the chemistry each individual brings (or doesn’t bring) to the culture of an organization.

This workshop explores team dynamics through the lens of the Enneagram, building communication confidence and a new way to connect with your team!

Participants will:

  • Receive an iEQ9 Enneagram Assessment and a customized breakdown of their personality profiles
  • Learn how our individual fears and desires motivate our actions and our communication
  • Evaluate team dynamics through a customized report
  • Create a company culture of empathy, communication, and results by applying emotional intelligence strategies!


We’ve heard the phrases “Your Story Matters!’ and “Share Your Story!” on repeat. But not many know how to use stories and storytelling to connect with stakeholders.

Get ready to engage audiences, connect teams, and create massive breakthroughs in your personal and professional life by learning the art and science of storytelling.

Participants will: 

  • Explore the brain-based science of storytelling
  • Learn and practice the 6S Storytelling Method to craft stories for any context
  • Use tools of storytelling to create a positive company culture.

All workshop experiences have options for additional group and individual coaching programs.

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Kimberly Broderick

“Erik’s energy, passion for teaching, and use of real-life analogies to offer advice is effective — even in a virtual environment. I appreciated the tangible examples of how to boost confidence and speak clearly. His audience had abroad comfort and experience level with verbal communication. He shared a variety of analogies that were relatable and tangible for us to incorporate into everyday life.”

Kimberly Broderick
United Health Care

Ally MacLean

“This workshop was GREAT! So often I feel like I’ve attended workshops and leave without anything specific I can apply to my everyday life and incorporate easily. This was not that. Erik’s workshop had tangible tools and exercises to share with my team. The exercises are so well connected to the message and are done in short spurts of time (which is a precious resource!). Thanks Erik!”

Ally MacLean
Community Choice Credit Union

Emmeline Paintsil

“There are many challenges a leader has to deal with, but one thinking I learned from Erik was that as an emerging leader, obstacles are inevitable along our path. Reframing those obstacles to be seen as opportunities empowers me to continue on my path with less resistance. I know what my dream or mission is and I know that the small obstacles along the greater journey are not powerful enough to stop me.”

Emmeline Paintsil
Iowa Pharmacy Association
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