// Speak Up Skills:
Speaking Simplified

“Speak Up Skills: Speaking Simplified” is an engaging workshop ideal for professionals seeking to enhance their public speaking and communication skills. This workshop, ranging from 2 – 4 hours, is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of any client. It covers key areas such as presentation design, storytelling, audience engagement, visual aids, delivery techniques, and effective virtual communication.

Objectives & Highlights
  • Grasp and apply effective communication fundamentals: Logos, Pathos, and Ethos.
  • Develop well-structured presentations, incorporating instructional design principles.
  • Utilize storytelling to effectively highlight and illustrate main ideas.
  • Tailor presentations to diverse audiences while managing speaking fears.
  • Create visual aids that complement and enhance the overall message.
  • Practice confident, engaging delivery, adaptable to both in-person and virtual settings.
Erik Dominguez on stage facing a large audience of tables


Participants engage in hands-on activities during the workshop, refining their presentational skills with peer and instructor feedback. Afterward, they complete an assignment for practical application, receiving personalized 1:1 feedback from the instructor to further develop and refine their skills.

Attendees will leave the workshop with increased confidence and a suite of practical tools for crafting and delivering impactful presentations tailored to any professional setting.

// Speak Up Stories: The Art And Science Of Professional Storytelling

Discover the secrets of memorable storytelling in ‘Speak Up Stories: Crafting Stories That Resonate.’ This workshop is essential for professionals who want to master the art of storytelling in business, connecting effectively with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders through compelling narratives.

This interactive and customizable workshop, ranging from 2 – 4 hours, combines practical techniques with the latest neuroscience insights to help you create stories that deeply impact your audience. Suitable for both in-person and online participants, the workshop includes real-life examples and scientific approaches to storytelling.

Objectives & Highlights
  • Understand the neuroscience behind storytelling and its influence on engagement and retention.
  • Learn the 6S Storytelling Method™, a unique approach to crafting stories that connect and inspire action.
  • Develop skills to create impactful stories for personal and professional growth.
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Participants in the workshop will actively engage in hands-on storytelling activities, practicing their skills in a supportive setting with feedback from peers and the instructor. Additionally, a post-workshop assignment offers each participant the opportunity to further apply their storytelling skills. This assignment includes the advantage of personalized 1:1 feedback from the instructor, enhancing their storytelling mastery and development.

Participants will leave the workshop with enhanced storytelling abilities, equipped with strategies to make their narratives more engaging and effective in any professional context.

// Confident Communication For Teams: Overcome Barriers and Inspire teams

Communication is often the primary obstacle to leadership success. Why? Because communication fears and inefficiencies hold us back from inspiring teams and achieving optimal results.

In this workshop, we break through those barriers. We’ll transform communication fears and inefficiencies into sources of strength by equipping you with emotional intelligence, public speaking, and storytelling tools.

Additionally, we’ll explore confidence through the Enneagram lens. Each participant will receive a personalized report on their personality and communication intelligence, and the team will also receive a report (additional costs apply for the Enneagram assessment).

Objectives & Highlights
  • Identify and reframe communication fears
  • Establish an effective feedback loop to reduce communication inefficiencies
  • Apply emotional intelligence, public speaking, and storytelling techniques to engage audiences and drive action.
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As a certified trainer for Crucial Learning, Erik Dominguez also covers topics like Crucial Conversations, Accountability, Habit Power, Influence, and Getting Things Done. Contact Erik for more information and to connect with Crucial Learning colleagues!

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Kimberly Broderick

“Erik’s energy, passion for teaching, and use of real-life analogies to offer advice is effective — even in a virtual environment. I appreciated the tangible examples of how to boost confidence and speak clearly. His audience had abroad comfort and experience level with verbal communication. He shared a variety of analogies that were relatable and tangible for us to incorporate into everyday life.”

Kimberly Broderick
United Health Care

Ally MacLean

“This workshop was GREAT! So often I feel like I’ve attended workshops and leave without anything specific I can apply to my everyday life and incorporate easily. This was not that. Erik’s workshop had tangible tools and exercises to share with my team. The exercises are so well connected to the message and are done in short spurts of time (which is a precious resource!). Thanks Erik!”

Ally MacLean
Community Choice Credit Union

Emmeline Paintsil

“There are many challenges a leader has to deal with, but one thinking I learned from Erik was that as an emerging leader, obstacles are inevitable along our path. Reframing those obstacles to be seen as opportunities empowers me to continue on my path with less resistance. I know what my dream or mission is and I know that the small obstacles along the greater journey are not powerful enough to stop me.”

Emmeline Paintsil
Iowa Pharmacy Association
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