• Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
  • Masters of Science in Curriculum Instruction and Assessment
  • National Speaking Association Member
  • Advanced Professional Speech Educator and Coach Accreditation
  • Certified in Mastering Pillars of Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Speaking and Facilitation
  • Certified Enneagram Facilitator and Coach
I’m serious about making communicating with confidence, fun.

The secret to being a powerful communicator – the kind that makes you rethink how you perceive something or inspires you to reach higher – is confidence.

But confidence is tricky, isn’t it?

In order to BE confident in something, you have to first LACK confidence in it.

I know all about first lacking in confidence.

As an immigrant growing up between two cultures, I felt firsthand the rejection and the ridicule that came with being different. I quickly got the message that not having the “right” words, the same knowledge as everyone else, or the ability to say what I wanted to, meant being an outcast.

A crippling fear of being judged changed me from a confident, communicative kid to someone comfortable with staying quiet. That was until high school when an unexpected and fortunate series of events led me to join the high school speech and debate team.

It was then that I learned the key to building my confidence was to transform my fears into fuel.

I learned that what scares us most is what grows us most. And that what builds us up is not running away from the uncomfortable, but running toward it.
It’s now my life’s mission to inspire and equip others to build confidence and speak up! For over 25 years, I’ve used a team-oriented approach to inspire audiences, transform teams, and coach individuals to:

  • Speak with confidence
  • Motivate their teams
  • Inspire their mission
  • Share their stories
  • Present with power
  • Gain clarity in their message
  • Transform their personal and professional lives.

And, do it all while having fun.

Do you know what else is fun?

  • The feeling when an audience member tells you how much you inspired them
  • Authentic connections and communications with our teams
  • Transforming prospects into clients and exceeding your goals
  • Building lasting confidence and self-trust

You’re too inspiring to let your fears determine your success.

Join me in speaking up with confidence. And together, we’ll transform your fear into fuel.

Erik Dominguez
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