Confident Speaking Tool For Teams

It is easy to avoid developing speaking confidence.

All speaking, whether to an audience of one or one thousand, requires a certain level of vulnerability. Good leaders find a way to avoid these high-stakes speaking situations; great leaders lean into them.

These great leaders also know that building communication confidence takes time, effort, and above all else, it takes TRUST. First, leaders must trust themselves to speak up; this does not mean striving for perfection but progress in their skills. Second, they must trust that their team is a safe space to speak in, knowing they will receive constructive feedback on content and delivery.

This week on my Youtube Channel, I modeled an activity that I have used with my long-term corporate clients that can help build both types of trust. It is a workplace version of show-and-tell where speakers can gain experience in speaking while also connecting with their colleagues on a professional and personal level.

You can download the activity below, and I encourage you to use this with your teams. For example, you can have each member perform their talk in one sitting, or you can have a team member open your weekly meetings with their speech.

Outlines are both guidance and suggestions

There IS a specific outline that I suggest. This outline keeps the speakers who may feel more comfortable in front of an audience from “winging it” and allows them to experience communicating with structure. It also will enable speakers who often overthink their preparation to simplify their approach.

However, the instructions and the outline are also left a bit vague. This is by design. Here is where each speaker can take on their flare, their interpretation of the assignment, and indeed show (and tell!) us who they are and what is important to them in the way they want to communicate. You will note in my video that I did not follow this assignment precisely as written as I had other goals with my talk.

Communication confidence starts with one step

The road to confidence begins with what can frequently be a significant and insurmountable step. It is usually a step into the unfamiliar, making it uncomfortable. The Three In The Bag activity allows your team members to take that unknown step in familiar territory to start their journey for more powerful and authentic communication.

Download The Activity Here: Confident Communication For Teams – Three In The Bag

Suck? Excited? Need help?

Or maybe you want t to share what worked and what didn’t? Whatever the reason, feel free to reach out to me and share your “Three In The Bag” experiences. In fact, if you send me a recording of your video, I will send back some personalized feedback! 

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