The Mindset To Reframe Speaking Anxiety

We all have some form of speaking anxiety. 

And we all need a mindset to reframe that speaking anxiety.

We all fear rejection, ridicule, and judgment.

The fear is so intense that our body goes into flight, flight, or freeze mode. Our brains always see speaking in a high-stakes situation as a dangerous one. 

Those fears are real. 

They are natural. 

But they are also selfish. 

When preparing or delivering an important talk, it is natural to be in self-preservation mode. However, those awful feelings of anxiety will create a focus on how to eliminate the discomfort. 

However, ironically, the more we focus on ourselves and our experience, the further away we are from communicative efficacy. This is because public speaking is not about you; it is about your audience. 

There are various tools you can use to create communication confidence, like this one I outlined on how to use speaking stress for success. However, one mindset can help you reduce your anxiety and stay focused on your intention for public speaking. Here it is:


This is a phrase that I learned in the leadership spaces of Next Level Trainings. If there was a one-stop-shop solution, one silver bullet to cut through any form of anxiety, it is to focus on others. 

What does your audience want?

What does your audience need?

Think of this scenario: 

You are speaking to a crowd of 100. 

Ninety-nine of those people will reject you. 

But because of your message, the one person you reach will have their lives changed forever. 

Would you give that speech?
Are you willing to be rejected by many to impact a few?

Your anxiety will never go away. We will not eliminate biological, evolutionary brain science in just a few moments or movements. 

You can transform that fear into fuel by focusing on those that NEED to hear your message and be inspired by your story. 

Just remember that public speaking is not about you; when you focus out, you are focusing on what matters in presentation and communication. 

To view my video describing this mindset, click here.

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